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After twenty years, I ditched Microsoft and embraced Apple. For a writer who is on the computer 24/7, that was a scary decision. The change seriously interrupted my word output as I groped through new methods of managing my files, getting email and saving to my flash drives. But the pros outweighed the cons, and […]

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I Love a Good Fire

It’s atavistic, I think. Most of us like to cozy up to a fireplace, stare into the flickering flames, dream and drift or think of nothing at all. Others find inspiration in writing by a fire, snug in a blanket, laptop at the ready. I was raised without central heat. In a bitterly cold house […]

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I Wish . . .

Have you ever had to do something you just hated? Last year, two days before my seventy-fourth birthday, I voluntarily gave up driving. I was rattling around town and almost got run over. Twice. I came home, walked in the house and canceled my car insurance. I knew I wouldn’t drive that car uninsured. My […]

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I have a partial, hand-written manuscript in my upstairs closet. It’s in a battered briefcase, along with a typed, complete MS that’s not too bad, actually. Those manuscripts are examples of what I was writing in May 1969 and June 1970.

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Someone is always taking me to the doctor for a check up, and I hate going. Many times, at the end of the visit, the doctor will drag out a prescription pad and say, “I think I’ll give you some blank. Then he or she spouts a long medical name and casually inquires, “Are you […]

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